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Become a Tutor

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School Supply

We are committed to providing excellence in tutoring.

You must have one of the following:​

  • Qualified Teacher Status, obtained in the UK

  • 5 years tutoring experience in the UK

  • 5 years teaching experience within a UK school

We also look for: 

  • A strong academic background (degree level in specialist subjects).

  • A genuine enthusiasm for the subject you offer.

  • Dedication to providing quality education to all children.

  • Exceptional skills in engagement, inspiration, organisation and reliability.

Tutor Reviews

Sarah is very supportive and is available if there are any queries regarding a student/family. She ensures you are paid promptly and that invoice paperwork is available to you as a tutor. It took me a long time to find HST, an agency whose ethics and values aligned with mine and I feel HST offers the professionalism of the teaching profession with the flexibility of tutoring. Sarah is very professional and pro-active in growing the business - this leads to varied and interesting opportunities for tutors.

HST has provided me with several online students this term, which has made a real difference and allowed me to continue working as a tutor.  Communication is good, payment is made promptly at the end of the month. If  I have a question or problem, Sarah is approachable and helpful.
The staff are always freindly and knowledgeable. Communication is great and the new Tutor Cruncher Programme is great and easy to use.

The process of applying to become a tutor, through to being accepted and now working with HST has been an exciting and rewarding journey! Communication is always clear and friendly.
Thanks for having me!

To become a tutor with us please complete the registration form.
If you would like to speak with us first please use the contact details below. 

Outdoors Tutoring
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